Integrating Visitor Control Systems with Access Control

Integrating Visitor Control Systems with Access Control

Visitor control solution integrationToday’s visitor management and customer registration systems – capable of fully integrating with access control and other systems – can significantly improve the overall efficiency of a physical security system, according to industry experts.

Visitor Management Security Priorities in Private Industry

The need to manage and monitor visitors is a high priority in the private industry, and government regulations are driving heightened security levels for visitor management solutions. The most advanced systems allow real-time system integration for more intuitive registration and ID badge production, enabling visitor management and access management to develop and integrate into any organization’s overall physical security structure.

Additional levels of integration further expand the capabilities of today’s more advanced visitor management platforms. A combined visitor management solution and access control system allow users to combine entrance and exit movement onto a single system for improved performance in a distributed environment. A single interface facilitates greater speed and accuracy in scanning and tracking visitors, as well as allocates greater control through user-defined security access privileges and real-time activation of badges at check-in and de-activation of badges at checkout.

Pre-registering Visitors and Contractors

Network-based applications that manage visitors and contractors allow users to register and schedule both visitor appointments and on-site contractor visits. Pre-registration and scheduling can be accomplished through a PC-based visitor management application or a user’s Internet browser. Appointments are scheduled directly; notification emails are then sent to both the visitor and their host with information regarding the appointment’s date, time and location.

Company employees with access can log into the visitor management registration and appointment scheduling modules using their Internet browser. Depending on the employee’s security profile, visitor management users can view and make appointments for themselves or colleagues. Users can also create new visitor and company entries, view their appointments, view all appointments at their site, and view all appointments for the organization, even for multiple locations.

Integrating Access Control with Visitor Scheduling

The visitor management scheduling module can be integrated with the organization’s access control application, so that when visitors and contractors arrive they are handed a smart card along with their ID badge, further streamlining the check-in process. The smart card will grant the visitor or contractor access through specific doors and access points according to the security rules assigned to them. Security settings are available to require authorized cardholders to escort visitors when necessary. The authorized escort must scan their card to validate the visitor’s card before access is granted.

Integration of your visitor management system’s pre-registration and scheduling modules with access control streamlines the process of managing visitors and contractors and adds an efficient advantage to the process. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 if you want to develop a more integrated visitor management and access control solution for your business or enterprise.


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