How an iPad can Improve Your Building’s Security

How an iPad can Improve Your Building’s Security

ipad-visitor-management-kioskiPads and other tablets are a part of everyday life; they can improve efficiency in a professional environment, as well as at home. And now, they can play an essential part in your building’s visitor management while enhancing existing security protocols of the facility. When used in conjunction with Veristream solutions, iPads play an integral role in facilitating visitor management services in buildings, small and large.

Instead of expensive proprietary equipment, Veristream customers are free to use everyday equipment, including iPads, laptops, and printers to check in visitors and efficiently access the rest of iVisitor’s expansive features. Using an iPad is ideal for multi-tenant facilities as well as enterprise organizations. As long as the tablet has access to the Internet, features including visitor check-in, COI verification, scanning of every visitor against the building’s Do Not Admit and/or Watch lists, and much more can be accessed from any point on the property.

Many iVisitor customers find this flexibility to be priceless; a visitor management system that is truly mobile allows for visitor management processes to be handled at parking lot booths, garage entrances, and additional entry points as desired. Today, for the safety of employees, tenants and other visitors, it is vital that every visitor is checked on to the property and that their credentials are checked. This can be a time consuming process, particularly during periods of high visitor traffic for the facility. By using iVisitor with an iPad, during peak periods, additional security personnel can be easily deployed to quicken the check-in process.

In the event of an emergency, the combination of iPads and iVisitor is invaluable. iVisitor allows facility managers and system administrators to quickly access an evacuation list. Instead of being tied to a desk in the middle of an emergency, a tablet, with access to the Internet is all you need to determine the number of visitors and contractors onsite to facilitate a quick evacuation of the property.

In addition, because iVisitor maintains the names visitors, and who they are onsite to visit, first responders can quickly deploy to the correct assets to assist in an evacuation or rescue. When a visitor checks in onsite, the host is notified of their arrival on property, and when they check out, the host is notified; this is what enables an accurate accounting of souls on the property at the time of an emergency.

In addition to visitor management for enterprise properties and multi-tenant properties, Veristream also offers solutions for small businesses. If you are looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and quick to deploy visitor management system, contact us today. In the event you are looking to lease a new property, or you are in the process of building a facility for your operations, we can work with you to select the best visitor management system for your organization, so that it is ready when you are. For more information on Veristream’s complete line of visitor management services, visit

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