iVisitor Self-Service Kiosk Options

iVisitor Self-Service Kiosk Options

iVisitor is the visitor management system of choice for the largest high-rise multi-tenant office buildings in the country, including the Willis Tower in Chicago. At the Willis Tower, over 2,000 visitors come through the door each day, and prior to the deployment of iVisitor, managing visitors was a challenge. This is not uncommon for multi-tenant properties of this size. The sheer number of employees, contractors and visitors that arrive each day can be overwhelming for even the largest security team.

Self-serve-kiosk-visitor-managementHowever, with iVisitor, visitors can quickly check in for their pre-scheduled appointments, and be on the way to their meetings.  While improving security is of utmost importance, it is also essential that new visitor management systems that are deployed do not slow down the process, or creates a bad user experience. When long lines of visitors waiting to check-in are common in a multi-tenant environment, it creates a bad image for the building, slows the productivity of the tenants, and frustrates visitors. This is not something that facility managers can afford today.

While it would be possible to double or triple staff during high traffic periods, that may not a financially feasible option. The best solution is iVisitor self-service kiosks that are user-friendly and attractive in stature. At the self-service kiosk, visitors that have been pre-registered by their host, scan their government issued identification card, all guided by the user-friendly (and secure) web-based interface. Properties can create custom badges for visitors that include more than just the name of the visitor. Commonly, custom badges feature a photo of the visitor, floors or businesses they are allowed to access, and the time and date of the appointment.

For properties that elect to have paperless badging for visitors, the check-in process is much the same. After the host has preregistered the visitor, the visitor receives an email with a one-time use barcode that is scanned upon their arrival. Very quick, easy, and improves the visitor experience immensely.

As for the iVisitor kiosks themselves, there are several options. First, is a standalone kiosk with a touch screen that visitors check into as described above. The second option is to use an iPad or other tablet with access to the Internet, on a floor stand or tabletop stand, as desired. iPad or tablet type kiosks are a great solution for guard shacks, parking areas, elevator banks, and other access points outside of the formal lobby area.  This is the most flexible of the kiosk solutions.

The third option is to use a laptop or desktop computer on a floor stand or countertop. The important thing is that whatever type of kiosk that is chosen must have access to the Internet to connect with the web-based portal. iVisitor’s user-friendly interface remains the same, regardless of the kiosk solution chosen.

It is important to note that iVisitor is not just for multi-tenant high-rise properties. It is used across the globe in small businesses, corporate headquarters, healthcare and pharmaceutical environments, and many other industries. The reason it is chosen so often by facility managers is that it increases security, reduces the burden on security personnel, is cost-effective, and streamlines the check-in process for visitors, reducing delays.

For more information on iVisitor or to schedule a demo, visit www.veristream.com.

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