Keep Visitors in the Know with Acknowledgment Notices

Keep Visitors in the Know with Acknowledgment Notices

kioskIn most businesses, employees are usually informed of temporary hazards or unusual activities in the workplace ahead of time, or at least as soon as an issue is discovered, such as a water leak in the main hallway making it an area to avoid. An unexpected incident such as this isn’t vexing for employees, but for visitors who aren’t briefed on the water leak, the accidental leak could be troublesome. Learning the hard way about unpredictable situations in your workplace is not a lesson you want to foist on your visitors.

How do you provide visitors with a heads up before they enter the building? You could hang a message sign on the door, although 9 out of 10 visitors are likely to walk past the sign without reading it. You could also station a staff member at the door to alert visitors, but that decreases productivity and allows for significant human error, especially if visitor traffic is heavy. A better solution can be found in your visitor management system with acknowledgment notices.

Acknowledgement Notices: Digital Confirmation of “Yes, I understand.”

Visitor management systems’ acknowledgment notices offer a productivity-friendly way to deliver messages to visitors at check-in. Acknowledgment messages have the added bonus of collecting a digital record of each visitor’s confirmation that they saw and read the message, which is important for potential liability issues, such as the water leak resulting in a slip and fall hazard.

Here’s how it works: when each visitor steps up to the check-in kiosk, reception kiosk, or visitor management screen, a message designed to convey a quick important notice regarding an issue to which visitors should be alerted will display. A second message will appear asking the visitor to acknowledge that they have read and understood the message, which then requires them to press a button confirming, “Yes, I’ve read and understood the message.”

Informing visitors before they encounter the unexpected is common courtesy, and the acknowledgment notice facilitates this courtesy. Guests will appreciate the alert, reinforcing your company’s image as one that is thoughtful and cares about each visitor’s experience and safety, while in the facility.

How Veristream Can Help

Visitor management acknowledgment notices contribute to making your workplace safer by keeping guests in your facility informed. Plus, their digital acknowledgments are stored in the visitor management system database with each guest’s visitor record for that day, allowing you to retrieve and verify that a guest did, in fact, acknowledge your message if an insurance claim or audit arises.

Contact the Veristream experts at 888-718-0807 to discover how secure, professional and efficient visitor management and access control can enhance your security and customer service experience. Schedule your free demo to see how acknowledgment notices can decrease liability and enhance the user experience.

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