Lobby Control Software and Systems

Lobby Control Software and Systems

If you are using an access control system in your building, but not a system to manage visitors and vendors, it is time for a security upgrade. Access control systems changed the way that employees enter work establishments, and now secure web-based visitor management systems like iVisitor have revolutionized the way that visitors are checked in and screened. Lobby control software programs, like Veristream’s iVisitor and iSiteAccess, streamline visitor check-in processes.

lobby-control-accessManual visitor management systems have many limitations, not the least of which is the failure to properly secure the personal data of visitors collected at check-in. Many jurisdictions have passed legislation requiring proper securing of personal visitor data. It is important to check state and local laws for verification of the minimum standards that your lobby control software for visitors must meet or exceed. Secure  visitor management systems offer all personal data to be in compliance with personal information privacy laws.

One of the most practical factors when considering a new visitor management system is how quickly the property can be up and running, and how much upfront capital expenditures are required. Fortunately, with Veristream’s proven lobby control software solutions, onsite hardware is not required and the system can be literally deployed in minutes — not weeks or months. This allows building owners and managers to quickly enhance building security and operations.

In addition, Veristream’s systems are scalable, and there is no limit on the number of users or visitors that can be processed each day. As tenant populations increase and their visitors increase, the system quickly adapts as needed. This is in direct contrast to many systems that require specific onsite hardware and software. Because of this, many industry professionals believe that the best type of lobby control software is hosted in a secure online environment.

When a host pre-registers a visitor in the system, iVisitor automatically scans to see if the upcoming visitor is on the building’s watch list or do not admit list. This helps to keep individuals that intend to disrupt operations, or those that would do harm to individuals onsite, out of the building. To facilitate this, the system updates these lists in real-time, so that if an individual’s employment is terminated, the HR’s department can immediately put them on the list to prevent unauthorized access. With the increase in workplace violence in recent years, it is important for employers to empower their teams to report individuals that pose a personal security threat as well so that they can be added to the appropriate lists.

Visitor badging is often a challenge for large multi-tenant buildings and corporate enterprises. With Veristream’s systems, printed visitor badges and environmentally-friendly paperless badges are both available. The building’s security team or administrator can quickly customize badge templates to meet their security needs. For example, a badge can be printed with or without the visitor’s photo, with information on the office or floor they are authorized to visit, and even a legal warning if they stray from their authorized host.

With green paperless badging, visitors use their mobile devices for access. When a visitor is pre-registered by their host, an email with a single-use barcode is sent to the visitor. At the kiosk, visitors will be met with a professional user-friendly screen that will walk them step-by-step through the check-in process – which includes scanning the unique barcode received as well as their government-issued identification card. iVisitor automatically checks to see if the individual is on the do not admit or watch list, and if no problems arise, the visitor can proceed to their authorized area. If for any reason the visitor is not authorized access, the system will direct them to the security or reception desk for further assistance.

Some of the busiest buildings in the world are using Veristream’s iVisitor lobby control software, including the Willis Tower in Chicago. To view the compelling case study here to learn more about how Veristream can transform the way visitors are managed in your building.

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