Make a Positive First Impression With Visitor Management

Make a Positive First Impression With Visitor Management

Improved Visitor Check InIt only takes a few seconds for a visitor to your facility to form an opinion of the company. Whether it’s a client, a potential customer, a vendor, a contractor or a potential hire, they’re immediately assessing and judging your facility. This initial analysis is why it is essential to make a good first impression.

The Importance of Your Lobby/Reception Area

The lobby and reception are your company’s front line when it comes to making an impression. Receptionists should be thought of as image ambassadors due to their regular interaction with clients, customers, and visitors. Ensuring your organization’s lobby offers a positive environment is vital for your business. Something as simple as not acknowledging a new visitor immediately or offering a poorly functioning check-in service can hurt your company’s influence.

Technology Can Help Generate Positive First Impressions

Technology can help improve a visitor’s experience in numerous ways, beginning with managing lobby traffic. Having an electronic visitor management system in place allows visitors to check themselves in using a visitor kiosk or reception desk terminal, but keep in mind that people generally like human interaction when they arrive somewhere new as well. A visitor management system can automate the check-in process, while a friendly receptionist can be on hand to answer questions and create a welcoming environment.

Visitor management systems can scan a visitor’s ID, print up an ID badge, and assist a visitor to their destination within your building in as little as six seconds. These systems also remove the risk of human error that can leave a company vulnerable to outside threats. Once a visitor arrives, the visitor management system sends an instant notification to the host party, minimizing wait times and freeing up reception even further.

Businesses that invest in their reception areas are investing in their corporate image. Your visitors could become long-term employees, partners or customers. Making a less than positive first impression could negatively impact business relationships, your ability to attract new talent, and generate sales. Contact Veristream online or at 888-718-0807 to learn more about our custom visitor management options.

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