4 Tips for Secure Access in Office Buildings

4 Tips for Secure Access in Office Buildings

Visitor ManagementMost busy office buildings receive a variety of visitors daily, including business guests, contractors, potential new hires, delivery personnel, employee family members, sales representatives, and customers. A secure visitor management system vets every visitor efficiently and thoroughly, and documents their reason for visiting the building.

Below are four important tips for ensuring a secure visitor management protocol in your office building:

1. Confirm Each Visitor’s Identity
Each visitor’s identity must be verified to maintain a safe environment by checking a valid driver’s license, state ID or passport. A business card is never an acceptable form of identification, for obvious reasons. Visitor management must verify and record two critical pieces of information upon each visitor’s check-in, including their identity and the reason for their visit. Without confirmed responses to those queries, no visitor should be allowed to enter the building.

2. Validate Each Visit
Every visitor should have a credible reason for being at your facility, such as a scheduled meeting with a host employee. The host should be expecting the visitor and should inform those monitoring the security system prior to the guests visit. Unannounced walk-in visitors – whether they’re soliciting or inquiring about employment – should be denied access, as they pose a security risk to employees and other visitors.

3. Access Control Between the Lobby and the Facility Requires a Visitor ID Badge
Issuing a visitor ID badge to everyone who is granted access to the building is a simple procedure to implement that keeps staff and visitors safe. The badge can be a simple adhesive that sticks to clothing, or one that clips on or is worn on a lanyard. Some visitors may warrant a badge equipped with an RFID chip for use at secure access control points within the facility, while others allow access only to a designated meeting place. In addition, ID badges should clearly identify any visitor on the premises, and designate those who require an escort while in the facility.

4. Screening for Contraband
Some businesses require screening for weapons, explosives, even recording devices and cell phones. Many commercial high rises have instituted package x-ray and walk-through scanners or metal detectors for employees and/or visitors. Not all facilities have physical screening measures in place, but those that do follow explicit procedures to prevent visitors from entering the building with banned items.

Follow these four straightforward tips for regulating your visitor management procedures, and you’ll lessen your company’s vulnerability to threats tremendously. Contact Veristream for more information on visitor management at 888-718-0807 or veristream.com.


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