Near Field Communications (NFC) Improve Visitor Management

Near Field Communications (NFC) Improve Visitor Management

Near-Field-Communications-NFCNear Field Communications or NFC, allows mobile devices to link with other devices, through radio waves. Depending on the NFC technology, users either bring two devices in close proximity to one another, or actually touch the devices together to launch the radio communication to share data. Think Apple Pay that allows iPhone users to pay for products or services with credit cards that are stored in the system. When it comes time to check out, users place the phone in close proximity to the merchant’s reader. For security, the fingerprint of the iPhone user is required to authorize payment.

But, NFC technology isn’t just used for payment through Apple Pay; it is a technology that is used in hospitals to identify patients and healthcare information, for vehicle entry, to ensure pharmaceutical medications are kept at the proper temperature, and so much more. You will notice in these applications using near field communications, that security is of utmost concern. Personal data today must be properly secured in order to protect against hackers, and ever increasing problem. With NFC technology being used for years successfully in applications where security is a priority, you can rest assured that it is a safe and effective way to help manage visitors to your property.

For access control at commercial properties, near field communications are used to speed the entry process without sacrificing facility security protocols. Frankly, some visitor management systems require intensive attention from security personnel, receptionists, and IT professionals. But by using near field communications technologies in a SaaS visitor management system, the workload of these essential individuals lessens dramatically. In fact, facilities no longer need an onsite IT staff to manage their access control systems. With iVisitor and iSiteAccess™ from Veristream, all updates, patches, and support is handled by Veristream remotely.

For visitors and travelling employees, NFC technologies allow for a quick entry process, and a single credential for accessing the properties. With iVisitor and iSiteAccess, hosts pre-register visitors for a specific day and time, and visitors receive an email confirming their appointment. If a customer selects the paperless badging option, the email a visitor receives also includes a one-time use barcode to be scanned at the check-in point. When the visitor arrives onsite, the host receives an email or text alerting to their arrival to properly prepare or escort their visitor. While designed to increase security, both iVisitor and iSiteAccess™, dramatically improves the visitor’s experience, eliminating delays during processing.

Because Veristream’s visitor management systems can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, they are ideal solutions for properties with parking garages or parking lots. A typical challenge for guard booths is how to properly screen visitors coming onsite. Handwritten or printed visitor logs provided to the security guards at the start of each day present several problems. First, the personal data of visitors is not properly secured. Second, manual visitor logs are not updated in real time to respond to new additions to the Watch or Do Not Admit Lists. Many security guard shacks are not equipped with internet service, making networked versions of visitor management systems impossible to use. Fortunately, with a cellular connection on a mobile device, iVisitor and iSiteAccess™ can be used to quickly and safely process individual’s onsite.

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