Near Field Communications Enhances Visitor Management

Near Field Communications Enhances Visitor Management

NFCThese days it’s not surprising to hear a phone has Near Field Communications (NFC) compatibility. Among the growing bandwagon of mobile device manufacturers, big names like Apple (6s and 7), Blackberry, Google, Kyocera, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony, along with some lesser-known devices show the demand for NFC technology is growing rapidly.

Near Field Communications and Smartphone Access

NFC allows communication between two devices in proximity, provides safe and secure communication through a smartphone or tablet. NFC allows your smartphone to act as an access card for your visitor management system, offering some serious benefits to businesses and their employees.

Let’s face it; you’re more likely to remember to bring your smartphone with you than your access control card when you leave your home or your desk. Plus, you’re less likely to lend your phone to a friend or colleague in comparison to an access card.

Other salient benefits of a smartphone outfitted with NFC include:

  • No need to manage access cards for employees and visitors, hence less administrative time spent on the task.
  • Decreased use of cards or fobs means less money spent on materials.
  • Organizations eyeing biometric-enabled access control can use high-end smartphones that now include fingerprint readers.
  • Easily enabled, two-factor identification for secure facilities or departments.
  • Employees who travel to different locations nationally and internationally have a quick entry process, and a single credential for accessing properties at each location as long as their mobile phone is in hand.

NFC Industry Boom

Near Field Communications took off as the latest technology for powering most forms of mobile payments, causing the industry to boom in recent years. Now, the security industry has embraced the incredible potential of NFC.

In addition to smartphones, NFC is in wearable technology, cameras and many Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. The technology works by creating a magnetic field to allow devices to communicate when they are within ten centimeters of each other.

NFC in SaaS Visitor Management Systems

On the visitor management front, NFC smartphone access control is used to enhance the entry process without sacrificing facility security protocols. And the use of NFC in a SaaS visitor management system means eliminating the need for IT staff to manage access control.

Mobile device manufacturers Apple, Google, and Samsung, have been working on NFC security and ensured that, even from a small distance of 10 cm, the chips are not hackable. Thanks to evolving technology, visitor management security keeps getting better.

To learn more about how NFC technology can optimize your enterprise security and visitor management systems, contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807. Consider the future of your employees and your business, and invest in a simply smarter visitor management system.

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