Office Hoteling & Space Management

Office Hoteling & Space Management

Office hoteling is not a new concept; in fact it has been around since the early 1990s. Today, it continues to grow in popularity with corporate enterprises that are seeking to be more efficient with real estate and other expenditures. The concept is that corporations can reduce their real estate needs by not providing an assigned office space to every individual in the company. This works particularly well for organizations that have employees who travel often, salespeople, flex-time workers, and those that allow employees to work from home. If each of these individuals had an assigned office or cubicle, their space would be unoccupied the majority of the time.

But, these employees all need a space within their local office, or other locations from time to time for meetings, and to be face to face with their peers. With office hoteling, employees access an online calendar to reserve an office or cubicle when they need it. Corporations with multiple locations across the globe can give employees and their managers’ access to the internal site to reserve their space for their arrival; this helps the facility manager properly prepare for arrival, ensuring that needed equipment, login credentials, and employees have access to the properties they need, when they need it.

In addition to lowering the costs of real estate, here are other benefits many efficiency experts, executive teams, and the employees themselves see from office hoteling:

  • Improves productivity
  • Supports the flexible use of satellite offices and other locations
  • Improves communication
  • Fosters networking
  • Allows specific work teams to work in close proximity to one another
  • Optimizes work space
  • Supports flextime and telecommuting
  • Creates mobility

While some efficiency experts do not believe office hoteling is the ideal scenario for some employees that do go to the same office every day, for many organizations it is a great solution. Some employees that don’t travel do find that they enjoy office hoteling as it allows them the flexibility to move throughout the space, keeping the monotony out of the workplace. On days they need to focus and keep their heads down, they can choose an area that is traditionally quieter, while on days that their focus is brainstorming or connecting with other employees, they can select a more lively atmosphere.

Professionals that appreciate office hoteling the most, however, are those that travel significantly. They can reserve the space they need at any location within the corporate enterprise, and it can be properly prepared prior to their arrival. In the past, most travelling executives have just been provided a conference room, or an empty/unoccupied cubicle for the day, if space was available. With office hoteling, they will know that they have access to a desk, phone, and other essential pieces they need to complete their work.

Traveling executives today already face challenges, from the actual traveling, to security concerns, and the stress that comes with the entire process. Reserving a workspace in advance of their arrival relieves part of the stress associated with traveling. In addition to office hoteling, corporations with multiple properties across the globe can integrate iSiteAccess™ from Veristream to facilitate visitor arrivals. With these two services, corporations can relieve much of the burden that comes with traveling to satellite offices.

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