Top 5 Reasons to Use a Visitor Management System

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Visitor Management System

5 Reasons For a Visitor Management System

No matter the size of your facility, it is important to have a visitor management system in place. Making excuses for not having a system in place could actually be to your detriment in the long run. Even with security measures in place, monitoring visitors to your facility is an important part of those security measures and must not be overlooked or forgotten.

Here are 5 reasons your facility needs a visitor management system in place.

  1. Increases lobby management and professionalism

The lobby is the first impression your company makes on visitors and employees. Having a professional, automated visitor management system in place provides a professional and efficient experience for anyone entering the facility.

Your lobby is also the most important point of security for your facility. It is the point at which you can prevent or allow people on the grounds. It gives strong access control by only allowing authorized employees or visitors inside. In the unfortunate case of a disgruntled employee, or a visitor that has previously caused problems, the lobby is an important place to provide security. By automating and improving lobby security, you will provide a safer facility for everyone.

  1. Tracking visitors helps with security

Even if you think you may know everyone who enters your facility, or believe it will be too big of a hassle for visitors or employees, having a visitor management system in place will increase overall security. Having the ability to prevent, stop or report a visitor known to disrupt your facility’s operations will deter many individuals.

An old-school system, like a clipboard sign-in sheet or even a receptionist at the front door is simply not enough in today’s world. Receptionists are often busy with other responsibilities and only offers an inefficient method of visitor management. Providing a digital system for visitors to check in with offers much more efficient and secure visitor management.

It is often helpful for employees to be able to identify who is a visitor to the facility versus an employee. Being able to print a visitor badge that looks different provides an increased level of security and depending on the needs of the company, may even be necessary. Knowing when a visitor checked in or out and who they visited is important if security issues arise.

  1. Provides important data 

The data provided by a digital system is critical for your facility. It will help you keep track of when your employees arrive and leave and allow you to know when vendors and contractors have arrived. This data is helpful for auditing purposes, in case of safety incidents, and even to track billing by vendors. You will have the ability to analyze data from any given time frame which may become necessary in case of theft or damage done.

A visitor management system can also protect restricted areas from unwanted visitors. It allows you to record accurately and consistently everyone who enters and exits the facility and stores that information in a database for easy access. In the case of an emergency, you have the ability to quickly find out who is in the building.

  1. Provides a safe workplace

Providing a safe workplace is an important aspect of any business. If your facility has the ability to restrict access to unwanted visitors and to track who is coming and going, employees will feel safe in their work environment. Knowing visitors are being asked to check in strengthens facility security and offers peace of mind to everyone.

  1. A digital system creates efficiency

Automating check-in to your facility offers a level of efficiency and security you won’t be able to achieve any other way. Providing a self-serve check-in for visitors and badge readers simplifies visitor management. The ability to send email alerts to the host also streamlines check-in and offers a level of professionalism. This type of system also allows past visitors to quickly and easily check-in without having to provide as much information after the initial visit.

If you find yourself in need of an up-to-date visitor management system, please contact us and let us help you create a secure and efficient environment for your facility.

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