Retail Chains Are Putting Visitor Management to Work

Retail Chains Are Putting Visitor Management to Work

RetailVisitor management is a great tool for businesses looking to collect data. Most business owners think of visitor management solutions regarding security – from knowing who is in their building at any given time to make this information accessible for reporting – whether to a single location or a head office administrator.

Benefits for Retailers

A growing number of retailers have found new uses for visitor management using it to collect information on suppliers, contractors, and employees at various locations worldwide. Retailers often have suppliers visiting their stores daily and often unexpectedly. They can use the powerful information-gathering qualities of a visitor management system to track supplier activity at their locations and monitor activities for record-keeping purposes.

Some of the most helpful reports retailers gather from visitor management solutions include:

  • Frequency of supplier, vendor, and contractor visits
  • What visitors do during their time on the premises
  • How long suppliers, vendors, and contractors stay during each visit
  • Employee time and attendance
  • Audit reports in the case of an incident discovered after the fact or an investigation

A visitor management solution allows retailers to require suppliers, contractors, and employees to check in and out each time they access their buildings. It also automatically stores comprehensive information on each individual and their visit.

Where suppliers are concerned, visitor management systems are a comprehensive way to track their presence across multiple locations around the country or across the globe. By collecting information on supplier presence, businesses can easily report on their activities, ask questions when they sign in and sign out, and collect further information that can assist them in understanding how much effort suppliers are putting into their stores.

A visitor management system is also a great screening tool for running background checks on potential new hires and keeping track of any criminal activity involving current employees. You can also receive alerts if a contractor’s license or insurance lapses, which, in turn, would automatically deny them access to the building.

Consult the Experts

Having such important information at one’s fingertips, whether for a single store or multiple stores locally, nationally or worldwide, can help retailers have better control over the safety and management of their companies. If you’re looking to implement a visitor management system in your retail business, contact Veristream at 888-718-0807 to learn more about the possibilities of this system in your business.

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