Visitor Management ID Badge Solutions

Visitor Management ID Badge Solutions

Choosing the Right Visitor ID Badge for Your Facility

The functionality and design of visitor ID badges vary from one organization to the next, depending on each organization’s unique security needs. Each entity’s specific goals, values, and needs are reflected in their use and design of a visitor ID badge or pass.

The visitor ID badge you choose will depend on the type of visitor you receive; it will also depend on the information you need from them. No matter which ID type you choose, all sensitive information demands the same level of privacy and confidentiality protection for collecting and storing.The-Right-ID-Badges

Company ID Badges

“Company” badges capture information pertaining to the visitor’s host within an organization (for instance, the employee hosting the visitor) as well as the company or organization the visitor is representing. It is particularly important for companies and government facilities to document which individuals and companies have visited their people, their premises, and had access to their potentially proprietary or sensitive information.

Destination ID Badges

“Destination” badges clarify the area within a facility where a visitor is allowed/expected, but not the visitor’s professional designation. Enterprises whose visitors are primarily family members, as is often the case for schools and healthcare facilities, a “destination” badge gathers all the documentation needed for personal visits (such as a parent visiting a classroom, a niece visiting a hospitalized uncle, etc.)

Facilities that may usually use “destination” badges may have different protocol for ID badges to identify vendors and contractors, and will therefore choose to make “company” badges available to visitors in these categories. In addition, many facilities choose to assign different colors to badges for each type of visitor, to make at-a-glance identification more efficient.

The use of expiring visitor ID badges is gaining popularity. Expiring ID badges are printed on specially treated paper that change color or produce a vivid pattern on the ID background upon their expiration, which is established at check-in. This highly visible sign of an ID card being expired eliminates the risk of someone else trying to re-use it.

The more distinctive you make your visitor badges, the harder they are for someone to re-use or duplicate. Adding your organization’s name, logo, and colors is a good way to prevent individuals from using fake ID badges.

Being able to quickly identify individuals who should – and should not – be visiting your facility is an important element in providing a proper level of security. For more information on choosing the right visitor ID Badge for your facility contact Veristream.

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