Security in the Workplace Needs to Focus on Prevention

Security in the Workplace Needs to Focus on Prevention

Preventative SecurityFacilities managers and security directors are tasked with maintaining a safe environment for workers and visitors. The prospect of workplace violence or hazardous conditions can arise at any time, and are more likely to cause damage when no preventative plan is in effect.

Crimes against employees and visitors in a workplace can be prevented when certain security measures are put in place to reduce their likelihood. These measures begin with building security.
Effective security measures range from obvious techniques (i.e. locks and deadbolts) to sophisticated technology implemented in the building.

While avoiding all threats may be nearly impossible, there are actions that facilities and security directors can take to prevent them:

  • Access management restricts physical entrance to a building, and can involve security guards, a receptionist, or technological barriers such as an electronic access control system.
  • Visitor management requires visitors to scan an ID source, such as a driver’s license, to gain authorized entry to the interior of a facility. The visitor management system collects information on the visitor and stores it in a database – including the visitor’s check-in and check-out times, their reason for visiting, and what areas of the facility they are permitted to enter.
  • Security alarms and motion sensors, window and door alarms, breaking glass detectors alert security, staff, and guests when a threat is arising.
  • External lighting at all access points of buildings and parking lots can keep criminals from locating entry points hidden from security’s view.
  • Strategically placed, monitored security cameras connected to a video recording system enable constant surveillance of the premises.

Keeping track of all employees and visitors helps ensure productivity and safety. Not knowing where someone is at any given time can be disastrous in the case of an emergency that requires evacuation. An integrated, electronic visitor management system provides an immediate, real-time report on everyone in the building so no one is left behind. It also allows security managers to monitor all processes and operations simultaneously.

Developing a Security Plan

Facilities managers and security directors need to plan and implement a security plan involving an “all hazards” approach, considering the many different threats that can occur in the workplace.
Once devised, the plan needs to be implemented, which involves assessing resources, developing a system to deal with incidents, training all employees and management to execute plans effectively, and holding frequent training sessions involving all employees.

While an effective security plan should focus on prevention, it needs to have a complementary action plan to deal with any scenario that escalates. For more information on security plans, visitor management solutions, and preventative security contact Veristream at 888-718-0807.

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