Take Your Company’s ID Card Program from Flat to Wow

Take Your Company’s ID Card Program from Flat to Wow

ID CardMany corporations and multi-unit office buildings require employees to carry IDs, whether badges or cards, for security purposes. The design of the IDs is fairly standard, including the employee’s name, photo, title, and perhaps the company logo on the card or badge. When it comes to IDs, some organizations settle for basic ID cards because they aren’t aware of all the options available. But there are options, and taking advantage of them can make your business’s ID card program more dynamic and productive.

Employee ID cards, like the visitor ID cards dispensed through your visitor management system, perform one key function: confirming the identity of the bearer. However, you can enhance the performance of your ID cards by having it execute a variety of other tasks that will save you money and keep better track of employee attendance. By merely changing the cardstock and adding some simple equipment, your ID card program can offer a better solution, not just to security protocols, but to productivity as well.

Keep The ID Card, Just Do More With It

One way to maximize the performance of your ID card is to transform it into an access card. Many workplaces designate specific areas for employees that are considered off-limits to the public, including building entrances, spaces within the facility, dining facilities, restrooms, etc. By converting your employees’ ID cards into an access credential as well, they can be used to communicate with your access control system.

Smart cards, which ordinarily use MIFARE® product technology, and proximity cards serve as ID cards and access cards, essentially operating as wireless keys that communicate with a card reader to gain access to the building.

Card readers are managed through an access control system, providing maximum control over security. Upgrading your ID badges to ID access cards can help you gain better control over who can access what door, and log real-time reports to monitor which employees accessed what entrance at any given time. Reports can help determine whether a staff member was in the facility when an incident occurred or if they accessed the facility outside of their normal working hours. It can also tell you who is showing up late for work, and who is leaving early.

Additionally, by using smart cards for your employee IDs, you can implement a compatible payment system that allows employees to load money onto their card to pay for cafeteria meals and other possible purchases. By making the most of your ID card capabilities, employees will be less likely to leave their cards at home or in the car, show up to work late or leave early.

Enhance Security and Functionality

Implementing a visitor management system complete with employee identification and access cards, timecard management, visitor management, and more, can drastically increase your organization’s security and efficiency. Learn more about improving your employee ID card functionality and creating a more secure work environment by contacting Veristream at 888-718-0807 to schedule a free demo.

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