The Roaming Sales Person

The Roaming Sales Person

The Challenge of Roaming Sales Personnel – Watch Lists

Roaming-Sales-PersonnelVisitor management is a challenge for large enterprise corporations, small businesses, and multi-tenant environments alike. Tracking visitors and contractors without a visitor management system is inefficient and can also present a risk to building security. One of the biggest challenges facing facilities management teams today is restricting visitor access to only areas in which the visitor is authorized, and also ensuring that they are unable to roam from one office to another.

In large multi-tenant environments, solicitors and sales persons often take advantage of a scheduled appointment with a single tenant in your building to wander the halls and drop in unexpectedly to other offices while they have access to your building. This common sales tactic not only poses a security threat, but is also a hassle to building occupants. While seemingly harmless, it can affect the way tenants view your property. A tenant that receives unexpected and unwelcome solicitations can feel harassed and receive the impression that security in the building is not what it should be.

To prevent your tenants from being irritated by solicitors or feeling that their security is at risk, a comprehensive and enhanced visitor management system such as iVisitor is recommended.  iVisitor offers several safeguards to help combat this issue:

The first step is to ensure your visitors are informed and aware of the visitor policy on site. Encourage visitor hosts to pre-register all of their visitors within iVisitor, and elect to send the visitor a Scheduled Visit Confirmation of their upcoming appointment. The scheduled visit notification will include pertinent information relating to their upcoming visit, such as the visitor’s host’s name and also the scheduled time of their appointment.  This notification should also include any other details you wish your visitors to be aware of, such as your building’s visitor policy, items they will be instructed to bring upon arrival, or directions to your offices.

Secondly, once the visitor arrives on site, they can also review and agree to your building’s visitor policy or NDA documents before they check in and are issued access to your building. In addition, the Veristream team can help you to create custom visitor badges with the host name and location displaced prominently on the front of the badge, and security contact information or visitor instructions printed on the back of the badge.  This warning can alert visitors that they will be prosecuted if they stray from their host’s location. This type of a warning can be an effective deterrent. However, iVisitor’s system doesn’t stop there. If there are “repeat offenders”, tenants and employees should be encouraged to report them their administrator, or building security personnel. These personnel are typically iVisitor administrators with the ability to add individuals to the building’s Barred Visitors list.

The final step in combating unwelcome visitors is the Barred Visitors list in iVisitor.  If an individual abuses their access to your building, your tenant administrators or property management personnel have the ability to add this person to the building’s Barred Visitors list in iVisitor.  Once a person is added to the Barred Visitors list, your building’s security team will be notified immediately should that person schedule an appointment with any other person in your building. Should this occur, your security team now has advance notice and can review the visit information in iVisitor.  Proper action can be taken the next time this individual checks in to your building. This may include requiring the host tenant to provide an escort at all times while the individual is on-site. Alternatively, your security team can decide to bar habitual repeat offenders from any further entry to your building. The barred visitor notification feature in iVisitor is essential to ensure that your team has adequate time to set the proper plans and protocols in place to handle offenders or unwelcome visitors.

While roaming sales people are an irksome challenge, the other real threat is visitors that gain entry to the building with the intent to do harm to individuals or the facility. This may include disgruntled ex-employees or customers that are on the barred visitors list. Veristream’s visitor management system iVisitor helps dissuade individuals who may pose a threat to your building’s security or operations.  iVisitor was built with the challenges facing modern-day facilities management teams in mind, and helps streamline and optimize visitor management.

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