Top Enterprise Security Threats in 2017

Top Enterprise Security Threats in 2017

Enterprise Security ThreatsIn 2017, lone wolf attacks, political tension, market instability and conflict escalation scattered throughout several regions, combined with global economic threats and increasing workplace violence have created added security risks for enterprises. Consider the following top security threats you need to prepare for this year, and how to protect your organization from each threat:

Lone Wolf Attacks

Lone wolf attacks refer to attacks perpetrated by a single individual seeking to inflict harm or death on innocent people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lone wolf attacks that occur at or near your facility raise new concerns, which makes training employees in situational awareness critical. Companies that regularly conduct active shooter response training have the best chance for minimizing risks and protecting everyone involved.

Corporate travel is often overlooked in organizations’ security threat assessments. Employees who travel on company business can land in populated areas in which lone wolf attacks occur. Training corporate travelers on strategies to remain safe in unpredictable circumstances can be highly valuable.

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, natural disasters cannot be controlled, and are often unpredictable. Reports show a steep incline in the costs businesses incurred from natural disasters over the past 60+ years. Not only can the building be physically impacted, but employees’ homes can incur damage, and supply chains can shut down. Globalization has made the impact of natural disasters even more impactful. The best way businesses can mitigate the impacts of natural disasters is to have a disaster recovery plan that prepares the company for as many potential impacts as possible.

Market Instability and Conflict Escalation

New markets often represent the potential for businesses to expand operations into regions of political and social unrest and other dangerous conditions. When expansion is looming, businesses should establish and vet protocols for traveling. Establishing locally-sourced information that helps employees avoid risk is the best place to start. Due diligence and advance overviews of any risks or threats are imperative to keeping employees and administrators safe.

Workplace Violence

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2006 to 2010, an average of 551 workers per year were killed as a result of work-related violence. The rising trend in workplace violence is expected to continue in 2017, especially among companies that are experiencing growth. When businesses have to hire more employees, each new hire brings the potential for violence.

Security threats facing companies in 2017 are not new, but they increase as companies grow, hire and move into new markets. In any scenario, the best protection is preparation. Contact Veristream at 888-718-0807 to learn more about security planning and visitor management.

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