About User Management

About User Management

About User Management & Roles

This document outlines the primary User Roles that BreezN offers. In this article, you will learn the difference between the following User Roles:

  • Standard User
  • Receptionist
  • Security Officer
  • Local Admin
  • Global Admin

Applies to

The following User Roles have the ability to manage User Roles:

  • Global Admin
  • Local Admin
Need help understanding your User Role?

Review the My Profile article to learn how to view what your User Role is.

About User Roles

User Role
Available Functions
Standard User
  • Add a New Visitor
  • Cancel Scheduled Visit
  • Manage My Profile
  • All functions of Standard User
  • Check-In Visitor
  • Check-Out Visitor
  • Run Reports
  • View the Watchlist (Read Only)
Security Officer
  • All functions of Receptionist
  • Add Watchlist Visitor
  • Approve/Deny Watchlist Visitor
Local Admin
  • All functions of Security Officer
  • Manage Location Summary for location
  • Manage Visitor Types for location
  • Manage Kiosks for location
  • Manage Options/Emails for location
  • Manage Users for location
Global Admin
  • All functions of Local Admin
  • Manage Kiosk Themes
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Integrations
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