Pairing Your Brother 820 NWB With BreezN

Pairing Your Brother 820 NWB With BreezN

About Pairing Your Brother 820 NWB Printer with BreezN

Once your printer is successfully connected to an available WiFi network, you are now ready to connect your printer to your iPad kiosk. This article will review the steps required to pair your printer and iPad kiosk. Note that you must first connect your printer to the WiFi network by completing the steps reviewed in Brother 820 NWB Printer Setup

Applies to

The following User Roles have the ability to pair your kiosk with a location:

  • Global Admin
  • Local Admin
Need help understanding your User Role?

Review the My Profile article to learn how to view what your User Role is. You may also reference the About User Management & Roles article to learn more about User Roles.

Supported Printers & Paper

The following printers are supported:

  • Brother QL-710NW
  • Brother QL-720NW
  • Brother QL-820NWB

The following paper is supported:

  • DK-2205
  • DK-1234
  • DK1205

How to Pair your Brother NWB Printer with BreezN

 Hover over the Settings  icon, and click on Locations 

 Search or Select  the location you wish to modify

 Select the Kiosks tab to open the Kiosks section

 Click the Add New Kiosk button to create a new kiosk. If the kiosk you wish to pair your iPad with is already created, locate the kiosk in the list of created kiosks and click the respective Edit  button.

Need help creating a new kiosk?

Review the Adding & Configuring Kiosks article to learn how to create a brand new kiosk. If you would like to make changes to the current configuration of an established kiosk, please refer to the Configuring an Existing Kiosk article.

 Select the Printer Type from the list of supported printers.

 Supply the IP Address of the selected printer. For more information about locating your printer’s IP Address, refer to the Brother 820 NWB Printer Setup article

 Click Save to complete the configuration

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