Visual Compliance

Visual Compliance

About Visual Compliance Visitor Screening

This article explains the steps necessary to integrate Visual Compliance screening with your BreezN account. Once integrated, all locations will be affected.

What is Visual Compliance?

Visual Compliance is a collection of global watch lists of suspicious or wanted individuals. When enabled, all visitors are automatically screened against the selected Visual Compliance Lists to determine a match. If a match is found, the visitor will automatically be added to BreezN’s Watchlist.

Want to learn more about BreezN’s Watchlist?

Review the Pending Approval Watchlist Visitors article to learn more about how to manage Visual Compliance Watchlist Visitors.

To learn about which lists Visual Compliance screens against, please review the Visual Compliance Lists article.

Applies to

The following User Roles have the ability to configure Visual Compliance Visitor Screening:

  • Global Admin
Need help understanding your User Role?

Review the Users article to learn how to view what your User Role is. You may also reference the About User Management & Roles article to learn more about User Roles.

Configuring Visual Compliance Visitor Screening

To configure the Visual Compliance integration, hover over the Settings item and click on Integrations  and click the Configure  button associated with the Visual Compliance item.


 Enable the Visual Complianceintegration by clicking the enable control

 Provide the Username and Password  used to log into the Visual Compliancedatabase.

If the Visual Compliance service was purchased through Veristream, this information is likely already configured. If you purchased the Visual Complianceservice from Veristream, and this information is not pre-populated, please contact to assist with the integration.

If the Visual Compliance service was not purchased through Veristream, you may contact Visual Compliance directly by emailing

 Click the Test Connection button to confirm that the account credentials are correct.

 Click Save to complete the integration. If you do not wish to continue with the integration, you may alternatively click Cancel 

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