Using iVisitor Communication Integration with AT&T’s Rave: Bringing Real-Time Emergency Alerts

Using iVisitor Communication Integration with AT&T’s Rave: Bringing Real-Time Emergency Alerts

Security is a top priority for all companies and college campuses today as we continually hear stories of shootings and natural disasters. Unfortunately, far too many companies don’t have enough digital tools available to help relay evacuation information to employees or students in real-time. When you can get everyone in the know quickly, you save lives and even property in the middle of an emergency.

Here at Veristream, our iVisitor application does just this, and it brings you security on a higher level than you’ve perhaps ever had. What makes it work more efficiently is iVisitor’s communication integration with AT&T Rave. The latter is a mobile application that enhances safety procedures for schools or any workplace environment.

Thanks to Rave’s integrated features, you can finally communicate on a level that helps everyone get word of a life-threatening event. This works on a thorough level where more extensive information helps law enforcement respond faster to situations.

It’s also designed for easy of use so there isn’t any tech confusion when emergency scenarios occur.

How can iVisitor’s integration with AT&T’s Rave work for your company or school? Let’s take a look at various company scenarios to show you how it works and why location data plays a major factor in emergency responses.

Response in Businesses

The great thing about iVisitor is it works through the cloud as Security as a Service. As a result, you have comprehensive ways to communicate with employees and all other staff within your company headquarters, plus mobile.

With more BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in place in the workplace, employees working on mobile devices in the field can get word of emergencies. That’s one reason we’ve integrated well with Rave since it brings mobile response on multiple levels.

What makes this the most effective is Rave’s ability to send out personal info to law enforcement in real-time when it’s necessary. This means when one of your employees calls into security, it automatically sends all ID of that person to emergency first-responders so they have all info they need.

In the above regard, it works better than calling 911 because it doesn’t involve having to talk to a dispatcher first. For your business, it means an improved way to keep your employees safe. If they’re out in the field on a GPS-enabled mobile device, a call through iVisitor for an emergency response instantly tells law enforcement where the location is.

It works the same for all your employees in your company building so they get instant word about emergencies so they can quickly evacuate.

Response on School Campuses

As unfortunate as it is to continually see violence on school campuses, it’s far from the only emergency situations that could occur there. If you manage a college campus, iVisitor’s integration with Rave could save many lives with its various methods of mobile communication.

Rave’s system sends messages via text, email, or voice messages to relay information quickly. Through texting, word can get out about other incidents like bullying, vandalism, or sexual assaults.

Much of this works well with iVisitor’s video security that catches situations in the act for easy review at any time later. Most of all, Rave gets students on the same page about incidents occurring. With school shootings far too prevalent in our culture, having real-time updates for students on their mobile devices helps them get out of danger faster.

Because false alarms are also a frequent problem, the accurate ID feature weeds out false emergencies from the real ones.

Contact us here at Veristream to find out more about our iVisitor service and how AT&T’s Rave system can bring your business or educational institution more peace of mind.

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