Veristream announced the release of its updated iVisitor mobile app and new user-friendly look and feel

Veristream, a global leader in web-based visitor management and electronic security systems for enterprises and multi-tenant buildings, has announced the Veristream releases new mobile apprelease of its updated iVisitor mobile app and new user-friendly look and feel.

Veristream allows pre-registration for both visitors and employees, facilitating quick entry into an approved facility. Through iVisitor, the user company’s security staff always knows who to expect and when. Because Veristream utilizes secure SaaS, employees and visitors can create site access requests from the iVisitor mobile app from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Facilities managers and security personnel can monitor visitors via iVisitor before they arrive to ensure the right people get in and the wrong people stay out.

The iVisitor application uses bar codes, stand alone kiosks and touch pad computers to provide efficient repeat visitor entry. The redesigned application offers enhanced screen readability, simplifies multiple user management via the Internet, and as a cloud-based solution, is cost-effective for multi-tenant and enterprise visitor management security. Veristream’s iVisitor app is fully scalable, integrates with HR and back office systems, and is designed to grow with businesses, buildings and facilities as their needs change.

iVisitor is able to meet the needs of businesses ranging from small offices to large scale enterprises, healthcare facilities, multi-tenant buildings, law enforcement facilities and higher education campuses that require comprehensive and secure visitor screening.

To streamline the entry process, iVisitor can be integrated with each building’s access control system at minimal cost. Individual security protocols are completely customizable, and each team member can be assigned a different level of access for every building. For enterprise customers, security administrators can dictate which properties each employee is able to access as well as the hours during the day they are able to access them, further supporting the organization’s security protocols.

To learn more about the iVisitor app, visit the Veristream website or call 888-718-0807.

About Veristream:

Veristream develops turnkey visitor management systems for all types of corporate enterprises, small businesses, and multi-tenant commercial office buildings. For more than a decade Veristream has been the leader in lobby technology, helping secure buildings from external threats through visitor management processes.

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