Veristream announces iSiteAccess visitor management security service

iSiteAccess is Veristream’s newest online visitor management software service designed to help streamline safety and security protocols for enterprise businesses.

Veristream – visitor management security services

“We’ve found that businesses today are more concerned about the safety of their employees, than ever before. Our mission is to help businesses increase security, without causing disruption in day-to-day activities.”

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) March 10, 2015

Veristream’s newest online visitor management security service is designed specifically for businesses with multiple locations, nationally or internationally. iSiteAccess allows security managers to authorize and control the entry of traveling employees into multiple buildings and facilities, all through a secure online service.


This type of security service is ideal for businesses with employees who visit multiple sites as it encourages a streamlined entry process into each site without additional security hardware or software.

With iSiteAccess, security managers have the ability to update entry and access information in real time across all of the buildings within the program. As an example, professionals who are on business in a location away from their home base can be will be allowed seamless access upon arrival. With optional access control integration, the traveling employee’s access control card can be automatically programmed into disparate access control platforms without additional user intervention. This allows businesses to leverage existing access control systems while providing a single card solution to traveling employees.

Each Veristream customer dictates which employees have access to what particular buildings and properties. In real time, customers can access the iSiteAccess service and update employee access.

One of the primary benefits of iSiteAccess is that it allows employees entry into multiple locations, one visit at a time, for the specifically approved period. It is a true flexible security service for large corporations with a high population of travelling employees. Other benefits include:

  • Secure, web-based security service that does not require upfront hardware or software installation
  • Removes the need to replace existing access control and security systems for implementation
  • Real-time secure data exchange with a variety of different access control systems
  • Real-time data exchange via ODBC, XML, & SOAP
  • System integrates with existing employee data from human resource databases



Veristream is the leader of secure online visitor and vendor management services for fortune 1000 and commercial multi-tenant office buildings on a global scale. Our unique security software-as-a-service approach separates us from all others and allows for global reach with a wide range of customizable security services. We provide a detailed and calculated approach to visit security, risk assessment, and threat mitigation, through our user-friendly security services. In addition, our technologies adhere to all national and state privacy regulations, to secure only necessary personal information needed for access. Visit for more information.

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