Veristream Electronic Security and Visitor Management Leader Launches New Website


Veristream, a global leader in web-based visitor management and electronic security systems for businesses, healthcare facilities, multi-tenant buildings, law enforcement, higher education, onsite vendors and subcontractors and work order systems, has launched a new website.

Veristream releases new mobile appOrlando, Florida (PRWEB) January 07, 2016 — Veristream, a pioneer in electronic security, has announced the launch of the company’s new website featuring its state-of-the-art, web-based visitor access software products designed to help streamline safety and security protocols for businesses, healthcare facilities, multi-tenant buildings, law enforcement facilities, higher education campuses, onsite vendors and subcontractors, and work order systems and services.

Veristream products include iVisitor, the industry’s leading visitor management solution. iVisitor can be configured to suit the needs of businesses ranging from small offices to large scale enterprises, healthcare facilities, multi-tenant office buildings, law enforcement facilities and higher education campuses that require complex integration. Users can secure their facility quickly and efficiently with iVisitor.

Veristream’s secure web-based program allows for pre-registration of both visitors and employees, facilitating quick entry for approved visitors. With iVisitor, security staff always know who to expect and when, allowing them to make appropriate staffing decisions. Because Veristream provides iVisitor access via the web, employees and other authorized hosts can add a visitor request from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

To streamline the entry process, iVisitor can be integrated with each building’s access control system at minimal cost. Individual security protocols are completely customizable, and each team member can be assigned a different level of access for every building. Security administrators can dictate which properties each employee can access, and at what hours of the day, further supporting the organization’s security protocols. Many companies require traveling employees to carry an individual access control card for each facility or building they visit away from the home office, which presents a variety of challenges for both traveling employees and security staff. Veristream’s iSiteAccess eliminates the need for multiple access cards; instead, only one security card is needed to enter any authorized location. If the employee leaves the organization or loses the access card, the card can be immediately blocked to anyone who tries to use it at any location. iSiteAccess responds in real-time to the business’s needs.

iSiteAccess was designed to provide a cost-effective solution to visitor and employee access authorizations across multiple properties, with no restrictions on the number of locations, property types, or traveling employees using the system. iSiteAccess is easily integrated into existing access control systems, and is quickly scalable to meet the demands of a growing business.

Fortune 500 companies aren’t just managing visitors, they’re managing major complexes with potentially hundreds of facilities, back office systems, and unique security concerns.

iVisitor Enterprise is a web-based visitor management system available to clients ranging from small offices to large-scale enterprises that require complex integration. iVisitor Enterprise is built to scale, with the tools needed to assess risk, ensure compliance, and protect company people and property across the globe. iVisitor Healthcare is a web-based visitor management system with a simple-to-use interface for hospitals and healthcare facilities to monitor vendor activity.

Healthcare settings provide their own unique security challenges, as hospitals are at the same time public and private places. Patient privacy and staff security are real concerns. Veristream’s secure visitor tracking software increases security and lowers risks to staff, visitors and patients.

iVisitor Multi-Tenantis a web-based visitor management system specifically designed for multi-tenant office buildings with a simple-to-use interface for clients requiring visitor control software for increased security, No written visitor logs or on-site server hassles to contend with. With iVisitor Multi-Tenant, users get the most secure, professional, and efficient web-based visitor management system available, whether their tenants number 10 or 200.

Police and corrections officers require the safest facilities possible —as do visitors and vendors at jails and prisons. Most manual visitor management processes are vulnerable to errors and fraud, which can result in unauthorized and potentially dangerous admissions to the facilities.

iVisitor for Law Enforcement keeps authorized visitors moving quickly, and keeps everyone else out. With advanced ID verification and background screening options, it’s the easiest and most powerful way to lock detention facilities down tightly while properly accommodating visitors.

Colleges and universities have specific security challenges. Students, parents, and faculty demand safety, but they also expect an open and inclusive environment that promotes learning.

iVisitor for Higher Education is built to satisfy both demands. Generic lobby solutions aren’t built for the demands of 50,000 undergraduates, or hundreds of buildings. Campus facilities managers need a visitor management solution built specifically for higher education requirements, to give every student, faculty member, visitor and administrator seamless access to all the resources they need, while keeping everyone else out.

Veristream’s visitor management system is designed to expedite the check-in process for visitors and for onsite subcontractors and vendors. Before access is granted, iVisitor ensures entry is authorized and that a vendor’s certificate of insurance (COI) or other credentials are valid and up to date—essential for mitigating building liability in the event of facility damage or accidents onsite that impact visitors, employees, or the vendors themselves.

iVisitor also integrates with facility work order systems. For facility managers, the merging of these two systems allows seamless work order and vendor management procedures. The COI expiration date remains on file, and is verified before on-site access is granted. Advanced scheduling allows proper preparation for the vendor’s arrival; staff knows in advance when a vendor is scheduled to arrive, and can coordinate and communicate any additional access procedures or requirements as needed.

Veristream’s iVisitor SaaS visitor management system continues to evolve to meet the needs of customers around the world.

For more information, visit the Veristream website, email tom(dot)fischer(at)veristream(dot)com, or call 888-718-0807.

About Veristream:

Veristream develops turnkey visitor management systems for all types of corporate enterprises, small businesses, and multi-tenant commercial office buildings. For more than a decade Veristream has been the leader of lobby technology, helping secure buildings from external threats through visitor management processes.

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