Veristream’s iVisitor Streamlines Visitor Management Control, Security, Reducing Costs

Veristream announces new Paperless Badging feature for visitor management security service.

“Effective visitor management systems do not have to be costly, nor do they need to require onsite hardware and software”
Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) March 24, 2015 — Veristream’s visitor management security service iVisitor is designed to expedite the check-in process for visitors and streamline security processes. Now, iVisitor also offers its customers the ability to use paperless visitor badging in place of printed temporary paper passes or physical prox cards. Paperless visitor badging is not only quick and secure, it also helps facilities management teams reduce the cost and time associated with ordering visitor badging equipment and maintaining badge printers.

Electronic paperless badging from Veristream is an environmentally-friendly and secure way for facility managers to grant visitors access to their buildings.

How does it work?

With iVisitor’s paperless badging feature, visitors are emailed a digitally-generated and personalized barcode. For security purposes, this barcode is valid only for the duration of the registered visit. Visitors then scan this barcode directly from their smartphone or mobile device to check-in through security and gain access through building turnstiles. iVisitor expedites the check-in process by automatically scanning the pre-registration details, checking names against the building’s Barred Visitors list, or verifying Certificate of Insurance validity dates for contractors and subcontractors. These tasks, when completed manually, require higher levels of staffing and take valuable attention and time away from security personnel. iVisitor automates this entire process, increasing accuracy and efficiency and allowing security teams to focus on building security.

“Effective visitor management systems do not have to be costly, nor do they require on-site hardware and software. Veristream’s iVisitor was designed as a cost-effective solution for multi-tenant properties and large enterprise companies, whether they maintain facilities across the street or around the globe,” says Tom Fischer from Veristream.

iVisitor from Veristream is an affordable and comprehensive solution to visitor management. Its online technology frees up security and IT staff time, its reporting capacities provide management with valuable data, and its ease of use enhances the visitor experience for all involved.

Paperless visitor badging is the newest way that Veristream’s iVisitor leverages today’s technology to improve to meet the needs of facilities managers around the world.

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About Veristream

For over 35 years, Veristream has developed turnkey visitor management systems for all types of corporate enterprises, small businesses, and multi-tenant commercial office buildings. For more than a decade, we have been the leader of lobby technology, providing economical and streamlined visitor management systems and helping to secure buildings from external threats through visitor management processes.

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