Video Synopsis Tech Adds New Layer to Physical Security

Video Synopsis Tech Adds New Layer to Physical Security

Video Synopsis TechnologyPhysical security, including visitor management, access management, and video surveillance, has become indispensable to many organizations, and demand continues to grow exponentially. Security managers and administrators are now tasked with finding ways to maximize operational efficiencies by wrestling real value from systems already in place.

Like access and visitor management systems, video surveillance provides a wealth of valuable information that, when analyzed properly, can offer many uses within the organization. Until now, the necessary review and analysis of video surveillance footage demanded time and too many person-hours. As a result, only an estimated 1 percent of surveillance footage is viewed, and often a great deal of time has passed since an incident under investigation took place, which means much of the raw footage was discarded.

Value-Added Video Synopsis Technology 

Configuring unstructured video efficiently can now be accomplished using video synopsis, a technology that reduces the time it takes to review footage. By removing static elements and background images and tagging only moving elements using defined criteria, we greatly reduce the time and improve the accuracy of analyzing footage.

The aim of any investigation is to reach a conclusion in the shortest possible timeframe. Structured video is key to accomplishing this since it only needs to be processed once and can subsequently be viewed in a variety of ways with the most pertinent results displayed first. Investigators armed with some indication of what to look for can pinpoint a suspect sooner.

This type of targeted search and review slashes the time and manual labor involved in analyzing video footage, as well as the investigation’s timeline. Evidence discovered is higher quality, and provides immediate insight regarding the organization’s surveillance data.

More incidents investigated

Efficiencies gained in reduced review times allow personnel to investigate larger numbers of incidents both on-site and retroactively. Incidents once considered too insignificant to warrant the expense of an investigation, such as impropriety and petty thefts, can now be probed with limited resources. Like visitor management data, structured video data can also be used in other areas to enhance organizational efficiently, security, building operations, market research, space usage, and more.

Over time, Big Data analysis can provide improved productivity and proactivity as well. Routine monitoring of systems and alerts make it easier to identify events that would have gone undetected in the past, facilitating preventative measures against repeat incidents in the future. This quality is especially important for large physical installations where continuous monitoring on weekends and during off-hours is essential.

The valuable information contained in raw video surveillance footage, once extracted and sorted with video synopsis technology, can help maximize an organization’s security investment demonstratively. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 to learn more about physical security such as video synopsis technology, access control, and visitor management.

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