Visitor Badging in Commercial Properties

Visitor Badging in Commercial Properties

Custom Visitor Badging Options

Gone are the days when the name of a visitor to a commercial property is scribbled down on a sticker, or at least, they should be. Old-school visitor badging principles simply cannot stand the test of time, nor do they need to. Workplace violence, roving sales personnel, and individuals that intend to disrupt a building or company’s operations can be dissuaded from entry with state-of-the-art visitor management systems. While these systems have undergone a remarkable revolution in the past decade, many of today’s systems harness the flexibility of the web to enhance existing security protocols.

Custom-Visitor-BadgingThe industry leader, Veristream, offers a variety of SaaS visitor management systems to help building owners, facility managers, and building managers streamline visitor access control. The pre-registration of visitor appointments, facilitates quick check-in in the lobby, reducing wait times and the delays typically found in large corporate enterprises and multi-tenant properties. During pre-registration, a record of the visitor’s initial data is created, and then upon arrival at the facility, ID card is scanned, and a visitor badge is printed. With Veristream’s iVisitor, buildings can elect to go green, and forgo the traditional routine of badge printing by using the green badging system that sends a barcode to the visitor in advance of their visit.

Visitor access control was one the primary duty of security and reception personnel. But in today’s climate of heightened security threats, it is imperative that security personnel be actively engaged in watching for potential threats and responding as necessary. With an automated visitor management system, these building employees can turn their focus back to their original intent, securing and protecting the building. No longer do they have to manually scan each visitor against the building’s do not admit or watch list, scan identification cards, print visitor badges, or check an individual into the system.

When a visitor arrives at a facility with a SaaS visitor management system, they can either be checked in at a reception desk, or at a kiosk, whatever the facility desires. The system is intuitive, secure, and user-friendly, and saves time throughout the check-in process. Upon check-in of the visitor, the host is notified via email or text of their visitor’s arrival, in order to properly prepare. In addition, when the visitor checks out, the system will automatically send the host a check-out message. This helps to keep visitors in authorized areas as they know their host will be alerted when they depart. This feature is particularly helpful to keep sales people and vendors from office hopping.

Whether printed or digital, visitor badging in today’s world is a necessary component to keep tenants, employees and other visitors safe. In addition, iVisitor provides for a variety of reports that can be generated by tenant administrators to track the number of appointments, visitors, and other data as desired. In the event of an emergency, real-time evacuation lists can be generated of all visitors that are currently in the facility. This helps facility managers, and first responders to know how many individuals are onsite at any given time, to direct a coordinated evacuation of the building in the event of an emergency.

Visitor badging is just one of the many features of visitor management systems available today. When seeking a solution for visitor access control, be sure to consider all costs associated with the system, the time it takes to deploy the system, how quickly the system can be scaled to meet increasing demand, and the reputation of the provider. Veristream has been the industry leader of visitor management solutions with decades of experience, and continues to develop new systems to meet the needs of our customers.

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