Streamline Check In With a Visitor Kiosk

Streamline Check In With a Visitor Kiosk

Streamline Check In with Self-Service Visitor Management Kiosks

Visitor management in a multi-tenant environment can be a challenge. During periods of high visitor traffic, with a traditional visitor management system, delays are inevitable. In addition, during these periods where all hands are focused on processing visitors properly, the building can be at a greater security risk. A self-service kiosk that allows visitors to quickly check-in for their appointment, scan their identification card, and print their badge is a great solution.

Visitor management kiosk. Visitor badge kiosk.Instead of long-lines and delays that can cause impatience and frustration, buildings today are moving towards streamlined visitor access control systems for their lobbies and other access points. iVisitor for Veristream offers self-service kiosks that allows visitors to speed through the check-in process, without compromising building security. When a visitor checks in at the self-service kiosk, the system automatically scans to ensure that the individual has an appointment, and that they are not on the building’s watch list.

Visitors adapt to the deployment of these new systems quite quickly, especially those that frequent building where it has been installed. Everyone today wants to get to their appointment as quickly as possible, and conduct the business they are onsite to complete. With a self-service kiosk, they are guided through the check-in steps and badges are printed. Organizations can elect whether to have photos taken of visitors for printed badges, or even elect to go green with paperless badging.

Self-service kiosks also help facilitate the quick entry of vendors and contractors coming onsite to work. In order to more effectively manage potential liability issues, many buildings are requiring all vendors and contractors to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance. At a large enterprise or multi-tenant facility, manually tracking all COI’s of contractors can be a challenge. Veristream’s iVisitor solves this challenge by creating a record for each contractor or vendor, and keeping a digital copy of the COI on file. At check-in, COI is checked to make sure that it has not expired. In the event it is no longer valid, the vendor or contractor can be turned away until a new valid COI is provided.

The interface that Veristream’s self-service kiosks employ is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy for first time visitors. The pre-registration process through the secure online portal minimizes the amount of data collected, and speeds up the check-in process while enhancing security. Just as the COI of contractors is scanned prior to access being granted, each visitor that checks in is automatically scanned against the building’s do not admit and watch lists. This helps to guard against disgruntled ex-employees and those that intend to harm individuals or disrupt operations, are denied access, as long as they are on the building’s master list.

Veristream’s iVisitor in just a matter of moments, you can be seeing for yourself what an automated visitor management system can do to streamline visitor processing while enhancing the security of the building. This powerful system integrates with many existing access control systems, and can be implemented quickly, with no upfront capital expenditures. Facility managers can create customized badge templates, run reports of visitors, and print a real-time evacuation list in the event of an emergency.

In addition, no onsite IT team is needed. As there is no resident software on the systems, all necessary updates to the system are handled automatically. For more information on self-service kiosks that can expedite visitor processing, please contact us today.

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