Visitor Check In Without Compromise

Visitor Check In Without Compromise

Facilitating Excellent Customer Service and Security With Expedited Visitor Check-In

Rapid-visitor-check-in -- Expedited Visitor Check-InMulti-tenant property management professionals know that every person that comes through the doors of your building is a customer. Your building’s visitors are either your tenants and their employees, or they are your tenant’s customers.  Providing great customer service to both of these parties when they visit your building is essential to keep your tenants happy, thereby keeping your building at full occupancy.

The introduction of iVisitor visitor management software is one way you can simultaneously increase the value and safety of your building for your customers. The efficiency of the check-in process will leave a lasting impression on your visitors – whether good or bad.

A building without a state-of-the-art visitor management software risks leaving visitors and potential tenants with a poor impression. A renting tenant who hears repeat complaints from their customers about the building check-in process will eventually begin to reconsider their company’s location.  It is just as important for your tenants to keep their customers happy as it is for you to keep your tenants happy.

This is where iVisitor comes in: iVisitor allows tenants themselves to pre-register their visitors, expediting the check-in process and doing away with long, tedious lines. During the online pre-registration process, hosts identify the date, time, and name of the visitor, and security personnel are encouraged to be prepared for their arrival – this can even include the pre-printing of visitor badges. The scanning of identification is quick, and the personal information is secured.

In today’s atmosphere of workplace safety,  visitor management solutions and software are a visual reminder that safety is a priority for everyone in the building. With “Do Not Admit” lists of barred visitors that are updated in real-time, your building can help to protect tenants and visitors from unwanted visitors. Unlike barred visitor lists of the past, which entailed handwritten notes and manual dissemination to all security staff, iVisitor automatically screens scheduled visitors against the barred list to ensure they are authorized for entry. In the event there is a match to the barred visitors list, security personnel can be adequately prepared to handle the situation.

A web-based visitor management software such as iVisitor also provides excellent customer service to your tenants because the online portal is intuitive, easy to use, and accessible from any mobile device. Ease of use is an element that cannot be overvalued; if your process is time consuming, exasperating, or unreliable, tenants will become frustrated, perhaps leading them to find other office space when their lease is up.

Another feature that your customers will love is instant text and email notifications. In iVisitor, your tenants can elect to be notified when their visitor checks in either by text message or email. This allows them to adequately prepare, whether by greeting them at the elevator or summoning others to a conference or meeting room.  iVisitor allows your tenants to provide excellent service to their customers.

iVisitor is not only easy for tenants to use, it is also easy for the building management team to implement.  iVisitor eliminates the need for on-site software maintenance and updates, helping to ensure maximum uptime and reduce tenant frustration. Keeping your tenants safe and happy is critical to any building management team. With Veristream iVisitor visitor management software, you can streamline visitor check-in, increase the safety of your building, and increase the value of your building to your tenants with industry leading visitor management.

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