Visitor Check Out is Just as Important as Check In

Visitor Check Out is Just as Important as Check In

Visitor check out processVisitor management best practices are the foundation of a truly effective workplace security strategy. To protect employees and company resources, many organizations have incorporated visitor management systems into their overall security plan. An electronic visitor management system with access control features checking visitors in, scanning their IDs, and issuing passes to identify authorized visitors on company property have become a security mainstay designed to prevent outside threats from gaining access.

The Checkout Process

However, one important visitor management feature that is often neglected is the checkout process. Just as all visitors are required to be checked in prior to entering a facility, they should be required to check out before they leave. Knowing when a visitor leaves is just as important as knowing when they arrive for many reasons, including:

  • Emergency situations. If an emergency were to occur that requires evacuation, there is no way of knowing who may still be in the facility if you do not require visitors to check out.
  • Visitor monitoring. Without a mandatory checkout procedure, your company is surrendering control over the visitors you intended to monitor. Mandatory check out as a preventative measure ensures that you know where and for how long people are in the building.
  • Access control. It’s recommended that all visitors be required to return their visitor pass upon leaving the facility. This eliminates the possibility of a visitor pass being reused to gain unlawful entry.

Ensuring visitors check out is key to knowing who is in your building at any given time, a primary principle of all visitor management systems.

Preventing Property Loss and Violence

When a visitor checks in to the facility, their arrival time and date are electronically stamped into the database record. This also occurs when they check out. So even if someone manages to steal property or cause harm before slipping out undetected, their check-in and checkout times and date are logged, which is valuable information to possess if an investigation is needed.

Making mandatory checkout an aspect of your company’s overall security plan just makes sense. It’s fast and efficient and can protect you from losses and other security breaches that may not be apparent until hours, or even days, after the fact.

Without visitor checkout, your employees and property are vulnerable to losses or violence that could have easily been prevented or exposed. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 to learn more about our visitor checkout and to view a demo of our product.

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