Visitor Logs, Proxy Cards, and Kiosks

Visitor Logs, Proxy Cards, and Kiosks

Visitor-logs-Proxy-Cards-Custom-BadgingKeeping a facility secure from outside threats is essential. In the post 9/11 world, most facilities have upgraded their security protocols to include extra security personnel, video monitoring, and even put barricades around the perimeter of the property. Unfortunately, however, many have still not updated the security protocols for visitors. Handwritten visitor logs simply cannot effectively protect facilities, employees, and tenants from onsite visitors that intend to do harm or disrupt operations. Proper protection protocols must incorporate the latest in technology, including visitor proxy cards, visitor screening, and customized badging.

While there are several options for visitor management, there are key things to look for when selecting the right system for your facility. First, it is important to address the need for the personal data of visitors to be properly secured. Visitor management systems that use visitor logs or that collect personal data that then resides on local networks, do not meet the minimum standards required by law. These types of systems are flawed; they can allow users on the network to access the personal data of visitors, and unfortunately, this information has been misused in the past, leading local governments to enact data privacy laws and legislation.

Second, a new visitor management system must be flexible, easy to use, and reduce staffing needs. In order to meet these criteria, an SaaS, or software as a service visitor management system is recommended. The benefits of these systems extend beyond traditional visitor logs and software that is housed on a local area network. In fact, in addition to helping to increase the security of the facility by screening each visitor automatically against Do Not Admit or Watch Lists, they provide the following benefits:

  • Quick visitor pre-registration
  • Customized reporting features
  • Customized visitor badges
  • Visitor proxy cards
  • Expedited visitor sign in and sign out
  • Real-time evacuation lists available from any mobile device
  • Self-service visitor kiosks

With customized visitor badges and proxy cards, security personnel and onsite employees can quickly identify visitors. One of the features available is customized visitor badges, or proxy cards, that are printed with key information of the areas the visitor is allowed to access, the host’s name, and the dates and times of the appointment.

Third, systems must be cost-effective, and quick to deploy. With a SaaS visitor management system like iVisitor from Veristream, expensive proprietary equipment is not required. This means expensive upfront expenditures and installations are not required. In fact, any device, including mobile devices that have a connection to the internet, can be used to effectively manage visitors. This feature is particularly important for facilities with multiple entry points, parking garages, and parking lots with ancillary visitor check-in points.

A SaaS based visitor management system provides a secure and user-friendly system to manage visitors, including contractors, wherever entry points are deemed necessary. As far as deployment is concerned, the majority of facilities can start using iVisitor in just days, and in the event needs change, the system is completely scalable to meet increasing demand or visitor traffic. Tenants and employees expect a safe and secure working environment and visitors to your property expect their personal data used to screen them prior to entry to be kept secure. With iVisitor from Veristream, all individuals onsite can rest assured that the best visitor management system is employed.


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