Visitor Management & Check In For iPads

Visitor Management & Check In For iPads

Visitor Security Software for the iPad Takes a Leap Forward

No longer are networked computers or kiosks necessary; SaaS visitor management systems allow the flexibility that many buildings and facilities require today. Visitor management systems, including Veristream’s iVisitor and BreezN allow security personnel at the reception area, in parking facilities, or other designated areas, to use an iPad to access the online portal to check in visitors and guests.

This can be particularly helpful during high traffic periods throughout the day. Security personnel can help speed up the check in process by checking visitors in from a visitor management iPad anywhere onsite or offsite. The ability for the check-in process to be mobile can be useful in a variety of areas on premises including:

  • Security guard gates for parking lots or parking garages
  • Loading docks
  • Delivery entrances
  • Service entrance
  • And other locations onsite as needed

When the property is undergoing renovation, or work is being done, security personnel can efficiently check in contractors and subcontractors through the service or delivery entrances or loading docks. Historically, these areas are vulnerable to security breaches. With a mobile solution to verify credentials, scheduled appointments and that valid COIs (certificates of insurance) are on file, the building is better protected and secured.

Visitor management software iPad systems that are connected to a local area network (LAN) do not have this flexibility. In addition, they can put the security of visitors’ personal data at risk. With an SaaS visitor management system from Veristream, all personal information is properly secured offsite, and not available to be viewed by unauthorized parties. Many jurisdictions around the country continue to roll out more and more legislation requiring the personal data of visitors to be secured properly.

Unlike other visitor management systems, BreezN and iVisitor do not require costly upfront capital expenditures of proprietary equipment. Because of this, buildings and corporate enterprises can quickly be up and running with Veristream’s enhanced and flexible SaaS visitor management system. Printers, computers, and iPads that are already onsite can be used; new equipment is not necessary. A reliable internet connection is all that is required for visitors to start experiencing efficient check-in processes.

These systems are customizable and scalable to meet the needs of a variety of commercial properties and corporate enterprises. Custom badging, paperless badging, COI and NDA verification, real-time Do Not Admit/Watch Lists, and so many more features of BreezN and iVisitor relieve the burden of reception and security personnel. Pre-registering guests is quick and easy, and customized reports can be retrieved to evaluate high-traffic periods, visitor counts for the building as a whole, or for specific divisions or businesses within the building. In the event of an emergency, iPads and other mobile devices can be used to access the latest evacuation list, composed of all visitors currently onsite. Whenever the iPad is connected, all functions, including check in, can quickly be accessed.

Enhance the security at your corporate enterprise, multi-tenant building, or other commercial property without making costly upfront capital expenditures; use what you have, including iPads and existing computers and printers. Put the ability to check-in visitors, contractors and guests directly into the hands of your key personnel with a visitor management iPad. Have mobile security teams that can check-in guests from parking areas, loading docks, service or delivery entrances, or wherever they may be needed. The next generation of visitor management has arrived with Veristream.


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