Visitor Management and Privacy: An Important Balance

Visitor Management and Privacy: An Important Balance

Visitor Security & PrivacyVisitor management is a critical component of commercial security. Maintaining security in any facility that experiences a constant flow of transient movement in and out of the building depends on the effective control of visitors, contractors, and others who come and go throughout the course of a day.

Privacy: Protecting Visitor Information

Privacy is a priority concern in visitor management. In the past, companies paid little attention to protecting the privacy of information collected from visitors. Today, privacy is a vital issue. In fact, the introduction of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in April 2014, lays out specific guidelines regarding the collection, use, and disposal of personal data.

Many visitor management systems read and record very personal information on visitors during the registration and check-in process, including driver’s license information, phone numbers, addresses and even criminal background information depending on the situation.

How much of this information is necessary to grant access to a location? Why is this information required, and what becomes of it after collection?

Security: Physical Security and Decreasing Exposure to Risk

When contemplating your security, there are two invaluable considerations to keep in mind. The first is the risk and protection of the visitors’ information and the organization’s information. The second is in regards to compliance with occupational health and safety legislation, which includes the physical security and the possibility of risk that organizations encounter due to the flux of strangers entering and exiting the building on a daily basis.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that organizations “shall keep a register of the entries and exits contemplated in sub-regulation (1) and that register shall be available for inspection by an inspector.”

Among the biggest operational challenges faced by businesses are physical security and fraud prevention. Statistics show that incidents of armed robberies, intrusions, and related occurrences continue to trend upward. These trends are expected to increase in the future, which is why it’s vital that organizations mitigate and minimize their physical security and fraud risk exposure by integrating technology solutions, including visitor management, in their physical security schemes.

The Trojan Horse: Insider Threats and Syndicate Scouting

All crimes begin somewhere, often with someone passing on sensitive operational information. Syndicates enlist contractors, security guards, casual vendors or employees to “scout” target organizations. Having a crime syndicate associate or scout on your premises is the equivalent of having a Trojan Horse virus in your company’s ICT system; it’s dangerous, malicious and often difficult to detect.

Implementing a visitor management system that accurately records and verifies visitors’ personal details and information helps dramatically reduce an organization’s exposure to risk, giving criminals good reason to focus on a more vulnerable target elsewhere, where their fingerprints and ID information are not recorded or verified.

Contact the Experts

Veristream is your commercial security and privacy expert. Our state of the art visitor management technology verifies all visitors to your facility, protects their privacy, and helps ward off a syndicate scout or Trojan Horse. Contact Veristream for secure, professional, and efficient visitor management and site access security. Call 888-718-0807 to schedule your product demo today.

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