Visitor Management for Asset Management

Visitor Management for Asset Management

Asset ManagementOrganizations that use access control cards or keys to manage the building’s entrances find the asset management module of their visitor management solution to be a valuable tool for keeping track of property within the building.

Manual vs. Electronic Asset Management

When managing property manually, it often disappears. If your organization manages assets, you should consider an asset management solution driven by an electronic visitor management system to provide thorough tracking and audit trails on anyone who removes property from your building.

For instance, if you have a company vehicle used by different employees, how do you keep track of who had the keys on any given day? If a speeding ticket arrives a few weeks after the fact, a visitor-management-driven asset management program can tell you exactly who had the vehicle at the date and time of the offense.

Fast, Efficient and Accurate

If your business routinely allows employees, contractors or visitors to remove property from the building, how is it recorded? Visitor management-driven asset management provides an easy and fast system for recording the removal and return of property electronically.

Many companies have situations in which laptops, tools or other company-owned property needs to go in and out of the building. For a variety of security reasons, issuing assets electronically is the safest and most reliable method for enforcing accountability. When an asset is not returned as expected, your asset management system can produce an asset register list to see who last owned the item.

Companies that rent or lease equipment or furnishings for events utilize this type of asset management to keep track of any number of items. This comprehensive, easy-to-use method provides asset management records with the identification details of any contractor, vendor, visitor or employee authorized to remove property from your building or job site.

When the property is scheduled to be returned on a certain date, the company can immediately produce a report of the person to whom it was issued, providing contact details to assist with getting the items returned.

Managing and tracking people and property going in and out of your facility are critical to the security of your organization – and your bottom line. The larger your organization, the more critical an asset management system. Multi-location support, email notifications and alerts, restricted access lists and other features can be combined to suit your company’s needs. Your asset management solution works with visitor management to easily, efficiently and accurately protect your company property.

Learn more about asset management through electronic visitor management by speaking with one of our solution specialists. Contact us today at 888-718-0807 and schedule your free demo of our services.

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