Visitor Management IP Migration Innovates Emergency Preparedness

Visitor Management IP Migration Innovates Emergency Preparedness

Emergency PreparednessWhat does visitor management mean to you? For many organizations, it means logging visitor information at the front desk when they arrive for an appointment, deliver supplies or complete on-site work projects. However, a robust visitor management system is part of a larger technology network that can offer an increased level of security to protect staff, visitors, and property in a number of ways.

Effective Emergency Preparedness

Security directors are tasked with putting an effective emergency preparedness plan in place, and your visitor management system can help them secure the safety of everyone in the building when an emergency warrants building evacuation. An effective and compliant emergency plan must include clear instructions dictating how the security team and employees should react in an emergency, and what actions should be taken. Communication capabilities play an important role in this process. And while the technology has been available, a recent push towards IP migration – the migration of servers between physical locations or virtual addresses – has inspired real innovation in facility security.

IP Integration Facilitates Communication between Systems

IP integration technology offers organizations the ability to tie together related physical security applications, such as visitor management, access control, alarm/intrusion, surveillance cameras and so on, within the organization.

IP systems integration provides users with a common view that can be sourced and managed simultaneously by multiple users from a central control room, an office cubicle or a mobile device. IP integration also allows organizations to collaborate across different functional workgroups. For example, it is possible to integrate entry/exit access control data with maintenance and facilities information to improve building environmental operations.

Direct, Real-time Information Sharing

If an emergency arises, your visitor management system database provides a report listing everyone in the building to facilitate a complete evacuation. The ability to quickly share this information ensures a rapid, informed response. IP integration enables direct, real-time information delivery between enterprises, law enforcement agencies, and response crews to accelerate response times, streamline investigations, and enhance security.

Today’s evolving threats necessitate uncompromised collaboration among organizations, security providers, and responding authorities. IP technology facilitates collaboration and is very flexible, making integration easily achievable at any stage of security system deployment. Existing analog systems can be upgraded to a hybrid configuration, or eventually configured to a fully networked system.

Additional security hardware can be added at any time, wherever network capability exists. Another key feature of IP migration is that it adheres to industry standards. And, as technology evolves, software and firmware upgrades can be implemented to keep the system current, which better protects your critical infrastructure, employees, and visitors. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 to discuss how visitor management can save the lives of your employees during and emergency.

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