The Security Benefits of Visitor Management

The Security Benefits of Visitor Management

VM_Security_BenefitsVisitor management is simply logical. Understanding who comes in and out of your building creates a more efficient, professional, and secure environment for employees, visitors, and management. Employees can also benefit from added peace-of-mind. When choosing management integration, it’s important you select a good fit for your organization. The right option will match your specific needs and provide cutting-edge technology for the safety of your firm.

Increase Your Security

Visitor access control systems monitor everyone who enters your building. Because of this, they can prevent unauthorized access entirely, at least in most cases. Because you’re in control of the influx, you’ll know precisely who your visitors are. With Veristream and our visitor management software and solutions, you can add protection by:

  • Scaling the security to your needs. Whether it’s a single building in a group or thousands across the country, we have the ability to monitor unlimited locations and perform advanced risk analysis and threat mitigation.
  • Managing vendors and contractors. You can expect visits from the appropriate vendor and contractor staff, while keeping out any unwanted guests.
  • Generating audit trails. Each building visitor at all of the facilities you manage will be tracked and included in the company’s reports. The reporting allows you to verify the accuracy of the software and ensure nothing was missed.
  • Filtering in real-time. Our software’s screening process is instantaneous. The technology compares visitors against global watch lists to ensure they won’t be a danger to the facility, other employees or visitors.

The safety of your company is of the utmost importance to us, which is why Veristream offers custom solutions for every company. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of our solutions to show how we can benefit you and your company.

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