Visitor Management System with Integrated Web-based Access Control

Visitor Management System with Integrated Web-based Access Control

Visitor Management System with Integrated Web-based Access Control for Seamless Check-in

web based vms access control integrationSecurity directors have to manage anywhere from one to ten million visitors entering their facility every day. This demands an efficient, robust visitor check-in process that is equally reliable and effective. A visitor management system is more efficient when integrated with a full-featured, web-based access control and event monitoring system, like S2 Netbox, to streamline critical lobby management and access control processes.

Integrating Visitor Management and Access Control

By integrating robust access control and visitor management systems, security directors gain better control over the influx of visitors in their buildings at any given time. The integrated access control system should be fast, reliable, flexible, fully scalable, and able to support multiple portals. It should also offer features such as personal record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation, and reporting that is accessible from any web browser.

The right access control system will work with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices for easy deployment. Integration with video management systems – even third party systems – should be a given. Access control should serve a range of applications from small businesses to large enterprise field offices.

Added Efficiencies of an Integrated Check-in System

Integrating visitor management with access control systems provides users with added efficiencies by creating a seamless, browser-delivered visitor check-in system for organizations of any size, as well as a unique, no-software solution. Visitors, vendors and contractors should be able to access the visitor management check-in system and automatically program their temporary ID cards using the access control system by means of a secure Internet connection.

Real-time Communication

An efficient visitor management system should be a secure, online Web-based system that allows for real-time communication of authorized visitors, vendors and deliveries between employees, building staff, and security staff. Your integrated visitor management and access systems should be accessible via an Internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone to an unlimited number of authorized users. There should be no need for locally installed software – which means no dedicated hardware or IT support is required for the system to operate seamlessly. Make sure your visitor management solution is highly scalable, extremely efficient, completely online and available to customers and employees 24×7 at every location.

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