Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers

Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers

New Generation of Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers

Building-Owners-Building-ManagersBuilding owners and managers of corporate enterprise and multi-tenant commercial properties face some real challenges when it comes to finding the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to access and visitor management security. In today’s security-conscious workplace environments, there is no single, cookie-cutter approach to keeping employees and visitors safe and properly supervised, making the process of selecting the right system difficult.

By taking cues from security-centric airlines, building owners and managers can apply a state-of-the-art visitor management solution to manage, document, and secure access to their facilities smoothly and effectively, while keeping unwanted visitors out.

The ubiquity of technology that allows travelers to check themselves in at the airport and manage their flight arrangements also applies to visitor management security in the digital age. Just as air travelers can check in to their flights either online or from their smart phones, visitor management systems in multi-tenant enterprises utilize mobile applications and electronic tools to replace old school, visitor sign-in logs in order to document, perform background checks, store visitor information, and issue ID badges in seconds.

Many visitor management providers even offer kiosks similar to those found in airports for visitors to complete the check-in process when they arrive at your facility, reducing long lines in your lobby and streamlining the check-in, check-out process.

Ways in which the visitor management needs of enterprises are similar to those of airports

  • Security: While building security needs vary more from building to building than airport security needs that vary from airport to airport, keeping the facility and its employees safe from external threats is a major priority for both entities.
  • Aesthetics: Both building lobbies equipped with visitor management technology and visitor management kiosks create additional visual space and open up floor plans. This provides more options for physical security layouts that strengthen the building’s overall safety.
  • Service: Visitors who need to be cleared for access to a facility like the idea of scheduling their visits and providing their identification for themselves in advance, from a computer or mobile device, because it’s easier and more convenient. It’s the same premise as consumers preferring to schedule plane reservations online, and utilize online banking and ATMs instead of banking in person.

Implementing a state-of-the-art visitor management system does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Some providers offer full support services to help in the deployment and operation of your visitor management system.

Regardless of your enterprise’s access policies and needs, all visitors should be checked in quickly, efficiently, accurately and cordially. A comprehensive visitor management system can swiftly and efficiently process and record auditable data on all visitors, while keeping unwelcome visitors out.

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