Visitor Management Systems: Should You Build or Buy?

Visitor Management Systems: Should You Build or Buy?

outsourceorinhouseWhen discussing visitor management needs with security directors and building managers from a wide variety of enterprises, questions often arise about the advantages of purchasing an out-of-the-box visitor management solution versus building an in-house, IT-built solution.

While most out-of-the-box solutions can be customized to meet an individual organization’s needs, in-house systems can have some drawbacks that end up costing the organization more than they’d bargained for.

Issues with In-house Solutions

Key issues we’ve discussed with security and building managers regarding in-house visitor management systems include:

  • Lack of features and functionality
  • Excessive downtime or active directory malfunctions
  • The in-house IT person who built the visitor management system is often too busy with other responsibilities to support it
  • The IT person moves on, and nobody is trained to take over the system he or she built

If your IT department has decided to build an electronic visitor management system from scratch, be prepared to wait a year for the system to be implemented. Are you certain that once it’s built, it will be equipped with the type of compliance and other features you need? While you’re waiting for the IT person to build it, an organization down the street may implement a robust visitor management system the same week they purchased it.

Technology is Phasing Out IT Jobs

There are more security systems and products on the market that are affordable, comprehensive, easy to deploy, and easy to operate than ever before. In-house IT teams are losing their relevance in today’s tech-savvy workplaces, and as a result, IT jobs are becoming harder to find. When your IT person offers to build a visitor management system from scratch, it could consequently become a project that drags on indefinitely to ensure their position in the enterprise.

Regardless of what your visitor management needs are, it will serve you better to choose a solution from an established visitor management company with tried and tested solutions, as well as a system that comes with all the features you’re after and provides support services whenever you need them. Speak to the professionals at Veristream today at 888-718-0807, and schedule your free visitor management solutions demo.

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