Visitor Security in A Technology Focused World

Visitor Security in A Technology Focused World

Say “Goodbye” to manual visitor management systems, and embrace SaaS based VMS systems

Our world has gone high-tech. From automated checkouts at grocery stores, to mobile phones that allow us to stay connected 24/7, we have come to expect high-tech experiences everywhere we go. When faced with a low-tech interface, eyebrows are raised in disbelief. This is especially true of security protocols.

Visitor Management SoftwareWhen an employee, tenant, contractor or visitor checks in through to your building, are they met with a handwritten log and hand-written badge?  Or are they met with acknowledgement of their appointment, and quickly led through a secure visitor check-in? If your building is still using a manual log, know that there are better, high-tech and easy to use solutions. Visitor management can be streamlined while increasing building security, and providing tenants with automatic notification of the arrival of their visitors.

With iVisitor and iSiteAccess, hosts pre-register visitors through a secure online portal, and the check-in process is a breeze. For busy buildings with hundreds or thousands of visitors a day, a web-based visitor management software is really the only solution that makes sense. Hosts pre-register guests, and then at check-in the security team can scan the visitor’s government issued ID card for verification. If the individual checking in is on the building’s barred visitors list, security is immediately notified and prepared to handle the situation.

Another old-fashioned security protocol involves reception staff phoning upstairs to inform tenants of their visitor’s arrival.  iVisitor eliminates this tedious step. When a visitor checks in through iVisitor, the host is notified instantly via text or email of their visitor’s arrival. This allows the host adequate time to prepare for their visitor, which may include escorting the individual, preparing the conference room, or other activities to welcome them properly. Visitor notifications also increase building security. For example, if hosts receive notification that their registered visitor has checked in but has not arrived at the office, security should be notified.

As personal data privacy laws become more strenuous, it is important to note that it is the building’s responsibility to adequately protect visitor’s private data.  In fact, many states have implemented laws requiring that personal data be secured. With a web-based visitor management system, there is no onsite hardware or software to install and all visitor data is processed through a secure online connection. Necessary personal data is encrypted and protected. With Veristream’s iVisitor and iSiteAccess systems, software updates are handled offsite, and buildings do not need onsite IT professionals for the system.

A visitor management system today is expected to be easy to use, efficient, and secure. These are all qualities found in Veristream’s visitor management systems. Don’t lag behind the times with manual check-in logs, or visitor data kept on the building’s network. Upgrade to a state-of-the-art visitor management system that helps to protect tenants, employees, and contractors from unexpected and unwanted visitors. Increasing security protocols in your building is a great way to build internal credibility while making everyone safer.

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