What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors?

What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors?

Sticky paper badges and a magic marker were once the go-to options for visitor badges. Fortunately, technology and ingenuity have provided dramatic improvements to that system. Now that visitor management has gone the way of a software as a service with Veristream’s iVisitor, customized printed badges and even paperless badges are available. This improves your building’s security, helps to quickly identify onsite visitors, and to keep individuals from straying from their host’s office.

Lost Access Control Card Visitor Pass iVisitor streamlines the visitor management process through a secure online portal that is accessible from any device with access to the Internet. To facilitate quick check-in, the host of the visitor pre-registers the visitor’s name, contact information, and the date and time of the visit. This advanced pre-registration allows for the automatic scanning of each visitor through the system’s Do Not Admit and/or Watch Lists to help ensure that only the individuals authorized to be in the facility, are allowed to enter.

In a multi-tenant environment, it can be difficult to manage visitors that come to visit one tenant, and then drift off to visit another tenant in the building. This can be true with roving sales personnel that are soliciting other businesses on site, or other individuals that may intend to disrupt building activities, or do harm to individual in a different tenant office. Sadly, in the multi-tenant environment when an individual is barred from one business, to gain access to the building, they just schedule an appointment with another tenant to gain the access they need.

With iVisitor’s building-wide Do Not Admit Lists and Watch lists, this type of visitor can be denied access, regardless of which tenant they have scheduled an appointment with. The key to keeping this type of individual off premise is by empowering the tenants to report individuals that they believe should be barred from entry. This may include terminated employees, disgruntled customers, and even individuals that have personally threatened members of their staff. When the person is registered on the DNA or Watch List, after pre registration by the host, iVisitor automatically scans to ensure individuals are not on the list.

In the event a visitor’s name pops up on one of the lists, security personnel can determine with the host whether to allow entry, and with what specific protocols. This is one of the areas that customized badging can help to improve security. For example, a visitor that is on the Watch List that has an appointment with another tenant in the building, may be allowed access, but only with an escort. A customized badge that indicates “Escort Required” and the tenant or floor the individual can access helps to identify these visitors to tenants and security teams.

In addition to customized printed badges, iVisitor also offers a paperless badging system. The process of pre-registering the visitor remains the same for the host, but the visitor receives a one use only digital badge via email. Each visitor is still scanned through the building’s Watch List and Do Not Admit list automatically, and if their name appears on either of the lists, security is notified in advance to be prepared. Upon arrival, the welcomed visitor scans the barcode sent via email, and their government issued identification card, and then allowed entry to the facility. It is important to note, that this digital visitor badge is valid only for the time scheduled by the host, and for one visit only.

For some multi-tenant or enterprise facilities, the choice may be to include both types of badging. Perhaps there is part of the facility that requires a visible badge, such as a laboratory, or other department, where in other areas of the facility, a digital badge is the better solution. Veristream’s iVisitor is feature-rich, flexible, and customizable for your facility’s needs. To learn more about iVisitor and visitor badging solutions, read the benefits of iVisitor for multi-tenant properties and our other comprehensive visitor management services that help to increase your property’s security.


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