What You Need to Know About The Cloud and Physical Security

What You Need to Know About The Cloud and Physical Security

The CloudMuch has been written about cloud-based physical security, and people have questions. The first question is always, how safe are cloud-based systems? What advantages are there to utilizing a cloud-based system? And how exactly are physical security systems integrated with the cloud?

Physical security, such as your visitor management, access management, and video surveillance systems, is designed to protect people, property, and assets from outside threats. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing your facility’s interior space, and it performs other functions as well.

The Importance of Physical Security

Physical security is extremely important and yet largely overlooked by most individuals because a majority of the focus these days is on IT and cybersecurity. One thing everyone should remember is that an attacker needs no technical knowledge to enter a building and physically harm a person.

Physical security is about placing obstacles in the way of potential intruders or attackers. For instance, the doors to your building are inaccessible without a smart card or programmed electronic device, or you employ security personnel to apprehend an attacker or intruder before he (or she) has an opportunity to do harm.

Cloud Integration

Cloud-based integration can enhance physical security systems. By integrating cloud security and your physical security system, you’re utilizing the most powerful security measures available. The cloud facilitates secure encryption. Transferring information that we may need to access later to the cloud means it will be available from any location, now and in the future.

With smart identification access management solutions, a data controller, or a dedicated security employee, you can place restrictions on data access, so information is only available to those who need it and are authorized to access it. The more sensitive the data, the greater the access restrictions should be. Whenever different users such as staff, third parties (contractors and vendors), business partners, and customers access data, extra precautions should be taken to protect it, such as unique authentications, encryption, software patching, and firewalls.

Security is not an issue with the cloud. In fact, connecting physical and cyber domains at a technical level strengthens security. Often, human error or neglect will lead to security breaches as opposed to a technological lapse. Diligence is your best defense.

Security Solutions for Your Business

If you are looking to enhance your office security through cloud-based physical security, Veristream is your solution. We offer secure, professional, and efficient visitor management solutions designed to protect your business, secure your building, and empower your employees. Contact us today at 888-718-0807 to learn more about our security systems and to schedule your free demo.

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