Who Needs Visitor Control?

Who Needs Visitor Control?

Understanding Why Your Building Needs a Visitor Management System

lobby-Check-in-RegistrationTake a moment and think about all of the office buildings you have entered recently. How many of them employed some type of visitor management system (VMS), whether it be manual login books, or automated systems? What were your impressions of those buildings – those without a VMS, those with manual login books, and those with an automated system. Now, consider how safe you felt in each of the buildings. Chances are, that in the buildings that had a visitor management system, you perceived sense of safety was greater. This is just one of the many reasons that the building you manage needs a state-of-the-art visitor management system.

iVisitor is a state-of-the-art, easy to use and feature-rich visitor management system. In the paragraphs below, we have detailed a few of the many ways that iVisitor can improve your building’s visitor management process. As you read over these, ask yourself: Is your visitor management system providing all of these benefits in an easy-to-use online platform? Verification of identity of visitors: A visitor management system that requires the scanning or review of a government issued photo identification card allows security personnel to quickly verify the visitor’s identity. If the individual appears on an internal watch list, or do not admit list, the situation can be handled appropriately.

Pre-registration allows validation of the visit

With Veristream iVisitor, hosts pre-register visitors through a secure online portal, which allows for expedited check-in. In addition to this convenience, the pre-registration of guests and visitors also helps to ensure that visitors have a valid reason for being onsite, and that someone in the building is expecting them.


When government issued identification cards are scanned, it is important that the data be properly secured as required by law. Data breaches have led jurisdictions across the country to require that personal data be encrypted, to help ensure that data is not compromised. With a secure SaaS visitor management system, the data is not held on an onsite network or computer, and security patches and software upgrades are handled automatically.

Automated text messages and emails on arrival

When a visitor checks in through iVisitor, the registered host is automatically notified of their arrival via email or text. This allows the host to properly prepare for arrival and escort the individual if desired. In the event a visitor does not arrive promptly after the host has received confirmation of their arrival, they can alert security.

Vendor Certificate of Insurance – COI

In order to protect the building from liability in the event of an accident caused by a vendor or subcontractor, it is imperative that a record of the certificates of insurance are kept on file, and routinely checked to ensure it has not expired. This can be a time consuming process that is easily automated through a software-as-a-service visitor management system like iVisitor. If the COI on file has expired when a subcontractor or vendor is pre-registered through iVisitor, the host and the security team will be notified and access can be denied until a valid certificate of insurance is submitted.

Automated “Do Not Admit” DNA lists

Facilities without an automated “do not admit” or “watch list” are putting the security of the building and its occupants at risk. Tenant administrators can quickly add the name and information of individuals that should not be allowed entry, or those that need to be escorted, to the barred visitors list in real-time. This includes individuals that pose a direct physical threat to employees or other visitors, including terminated employees, and disgruntled customers.

Evacuation list

In the worst case scenario that the building must be evacuated due to a threat or weather event, it is essential that the facility manager and the security teams know how many individuals are in the building, and who those individuals are. With iVisitor, an evacuation list can quickly be accessed to help facilitate an expedited evacuation of the building. In addition, in the event that 911 is called, the evacuation list can provide an accurate accounting of individuals onsite, and where those visitors were scheduled to be.


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